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If you were diagnosed with a serious illness, how would it affect your life?

We can all think of someone close to us who has been diagnosed with cancer or has had a heart attack or serious illness.  Today’s chances of surviving a life altering illness are excellent, but the impact could have serious consequences on your finances.

The costs associated with a lengthy recovery can affect you, your business, and you family’s finanical future.

How would you feel if you had the money to:


  • Seek out the best medical care anywhere in the world
  • Pay for medications and professional caregivers
  • Replace lost income
  • Pay off debt (mortgages, business loans or fund a shareholder buy-out)
  • Protect savings and assets

Critical Illness insurance provides a lump sum payment after surviving 30 days from the date of diagnosis of a major illness.


critical illness


Protect Your Business with ‘Key Person’ Insurance
A serious long-term illness or accident could take a key employee away from the business for a considerable amount of time. Critical Illness insurance can be used to keep the business running while a key person is away, or help them personally with any medical costs or other needs.

Ciccone/McKay will work with you to determine a solution that fits into your lifestyle and your financial plans, while determining the right type and the right amount of insurance.

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