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Personal Estate Planning

In addition to taking care of the risks your business can face, it is important to ensure that your family is taken care of in the event of a death or disability. Life Insurance and Living Benefits Insurance provide protection for your family, giving you peace of mind.

Life Insurance

  • Estate Preservation – Life Insurance provides your family with the money needed to pay final expenses, tax liabilities, and other estate administration costs so the estate’s assets don’t have to be eroded or borrowed against.
  • Family Legacy – Leave a legacy for your family, ensuring that they have enough funds to maintain the same lifestyle and standard of living and to replace your lost income when you pass away.


  • Charitable Giving – Proceeds from your Life Insurance benefits can be used to leave a legacy to your favourite charity. You may be able to deduct some of the premiums from your taxes as well.
  • Pay Off Debt – The proceeds from your Life Insurance policy can be used to pay for a temporary or long term debt need for your survivors, such as mortgage or business loan, if you pass away.


  • Supplemental Retirement Income – The cash value of your Life Insurance policy can be used to help fund your retirement income.
  • Collateral – The funds in your Life Insurance policy can be used as collateral for a consumer loan.


  • Children – The money from your Life Insurance policy can be used to help fund your children’s education.



Living Benefits Insurance

The funds you receive from your living benefits insurance allow you to concentrate on getting better rather than on the financial impact your illness or injury may have on your family. They may be used for a variety of purposes including:

Disability Insurance

  • Replace lost income while you are not working
  • Protect your retirement savings and investments

Critical Illness Insurance

  • Renovate your home to accommodate for any special needs
  • Pay down outstanding debts such as a mortgage, loans, or credit cards
  • Choose alternative drug and treatment options that are not covered by your extended or provincial health care plans
  • Pay for additional personal services such as homecare or child care
  • Pay for lost income for you or your spouse if they take time off to help you recover
  • Protect your retirement savings and investments
  • Maintain your family lifestyle

Long Term Care Insurance

  • Pay for private in-home nursing care
  • Pay for the cost of an assisted living facility
  • Protect your retirement savings and investment





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