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Ciccone McKay Financial Group is an independent financial services firm with proven experience in the areas of risk management, wealth management, estate and business succession planning, and employee benefits.

We specialize in providing financial clarity and purpose for those who are concerned with building a secure future for their family and business, and a lasting legacy for the next generation by helping them grow, manage, protect and transfer their wealth.

Because your perspective matters

At Ciccone McKay, our approach is based on our key values of transparency, collaboration and balance. These inform our process, the core of which is understanding what really matter most to you in every aspect of your financial life.

It is our mission and expertise to work alongside your team of professional advisors to ensure a coordinated and comprehensive planning approach. We develop an in-depth understanding of your current financial situation, then advise and help you to manage the family dynamics that inevitably complicate personal and business planning.


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Our Services

Intergenerational Financial Planning

Building, preserving, and transferring your family’s wealth and legacy across many generations.

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Investment Portfolio Management

How do you make sure that your portfolio delivers the results and the lifestyle you want?

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Risk Management

Risk management is your best safeguard to protect everything for which you’ve worked so hard.

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Tax & Estate Planning

Having a comprehensive plan in place will benefit your family and future generations.

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When Things Change, Remember the 5-Circles

2020 was different; we were all scared and many of us faced financial uncertainties that we have not experienced before. However, if there is a silver lining from 2020, it is that we were forced to take a hard look at our personal financial plans. For many of us, it even resulted in building a financial plan for the first time. The reality is this is not the last time the world will experiences uncertainty. There will be another recession. There will be another massive market correction like we saw last year.

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  • Vittorio Ciccone, B.Com | Analyst

Why are yields rising and what does it mean?

Volatility has once again returned to the markets as of late. The choppy sessions, ironically, were not because of negative news that we have grown accustomed but rather due to magnitude of positive news—quicker vaccine distribution, additional stimulus, and the eventual re-opening.

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  • Vittorio Ciccone, B.Com | Analyst
  • Rachit Tibrewala, CFA | Portfolio Manager at Louisbourg Investments Inc.

2021 - Q1 Market Commentary

The year began with vaccine production and vaccine distribution ramping to new highs. As a result, global GDP is on pace to increase by5.5% in 2021 according to data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This growth in GDP is accompanied by the consensus that central banks around the world will maintain status quo and fiscal support will remain or even increaseHowever, a viable reopen is being tested as uncertainty grows around COVID-19 variants and the ascending third wave. Variant cases are on the rise in the US, Canada, Europe, and India, which may...

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