Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits:

The smart way to attract and keep excellent employees

The success of your business depends on both your drive and dedication to excellence and the drive and dedication of your best employees.

But how do you attract those top employees, and more importantly, how do you keep those top employees once you’ve recruited them? Giving them flexibility in how they work and good salaries are effective. But the best way to cement loyalty and to show your employees you care about their well-being is with an exceptional benefits program.

At Ciccone McKay, we help companies of all types and sizes to create employee benefits programs that fit both what your employees want and need, and what meets your budget.

To create just the right benefits program, we work with our benefits-focused sister company, the Immix Group. Like Ciccone McKay, the Immix Group values transparency. Their unique approach within the industry means a strategy to benefits that ensures true pricing transparency.

They make sure everything is covered, from designing the right plan, to ongoing program management. You’ll enjoy expert daily admin support and immediate response to any problems or puzzles that arise. And from the time we set up and begin administering your benefits plan, we’ll make sure everything is communicated clearly to your employees, especially as the plan evolves and changes are made to their benefits.

Ciccone McKay and the Immix Group are independent, which means we can work with all major benefits providers.

To make sure your benefits program is competitive within your particular industry, meeting your company goals and that your premiums truly reflect your employees,

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